Academic Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Rosales, Antulio and Jiménez, Maryhen (under review) Venezuela 2020: Autocratic consolidation and splintered economic liberalization

Jiménez, Maryhen (2020) The Weakening of Civil Society in Venezuela: An Unintended Consequence of Economic Sanctions?, Revista Foro Cubano, Vol 3. No 23

Working Papers

Dividing Opponents through Targeted Repression: Evidence from Latin America

Public-Private Partnerships: The Opposition’s Formula to Govern in Authoritarian Settings

Liberalise and Conquer: Explaining Opposition Party Fragmentation in Mexico 1976-2000


After the Left comes the Right? The peculiar iterations of right-wing politics in Venezuela (w/ G. Aveledo)

Building Resilience: Lessons from the Venezuelan Human Rights Movement (w/ E. Trujillo)


Jiménez, Maryhen and Trujillo, Eduardo (2021) Developing Resilience in Authoritarian Contexts - Lessons from Venezuela in Comparative Perspective, CDH-UCAB

Jiménez, Maryhen and Rosales, Antulio (2021) To Boycott or not to Boycott Elections in Non-democracies, Mischiefs of Faction

Jiménez, Maryhen (2020) Venezuela, Political Transition and Covid-19, CRIES

Jiménez, Maryhen (2019) Opposition re-unification in Venezuela, International Association of Constitutional Law Blog

Jiménez, Maryhen and Zulver, Julia  (2019) Venezuela’s Transition is Male-Dominated, openDemocracy

Jiménez, Maryhen (2019) ¿Por qué Ahora Sí Pudo Unirse la Oposición Venezolana?, Primer Saque

Jiménez, Maryhen (2019) Demystifying the Democratic Transition in Venezuela, Verfassungsblog

Jiménez, Maryhen (2018) Why Venezuela is Collapsing but Maduro Still Standing, The Oxford University Politics Blog

Jiménez, Maryhen (2018) Will Venezuela Transition to Democracy?,  The Oxford University Politics Blog

Jiménez, Maryhen (2017) Reset, Rethink, Restart: The Opposition's Way Out, The Oxford University Politics Blog